Kissing Princess Leia (2015 Mix)

by Vector Lovers

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Originally recorded in 2008, remixed and mastered 2015.


I was kissing her,
I was kissing her
kissing Princess Leia...

I met her at a fancy dress party and I thought "Oh wow!"
She looked just like Carrie Fisher did, kind've feisty with a hotshot mouth.
She asked me for a light, slipped her hand in my pocket...
but all she could find were some Polos.
Tried to move closer but she pushed me back and said
"You're never gonna be Han Solo".

I was kissing her,
Kissing Princess Leia.

Well, she took me upstairs and we lay on the bed,
looking at a map of the stars.
She said her guy was coming soon, to pick her up
as we laughed about canals on Mars.
He was six foot four when he barged through the door
looking just like Harrison Ford.
Tried to cover my lap with the pan-galactic map,
but he knocked me to the floor.

I was kissing her...
Kissing Princess Leia.


released December 15, 2015
Vector Lovers / Martin Wheeler



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